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2024 – 60th Anniversary Weekend:

A nice article on Southampton’s Daily Echo website: Gordon-Keeble owners mark 60 years since cars production | Daily Echo

2023 – NEC Classic Motor Show:

2014 – The Year of the Gordon-Keeble Half Century

The principal event for the year was the 50-year celebration that took place at Eastleigh, Southampton.  The celebration commenced with a guest appearance at Beaulieu on the Friday beforehand.  The cars arrived at the Potter’s Heron from Thursday onwards. Unfortunately, the pre-arranged 50 cars was not to be with one not leaving Holland, another arriving on a trailer from Yorkshire after a Herculean effort by the owner.  A visit to The Vyne near Basingstoke, a National Trust property, had been arranged for the early arrivers.

Friday morning, dull and overcast but not raining, saw the cars assembling on the roof car park at Eastleigh Airport with the Press in attendance.  Leaving the Airport precincts, the convoy of Gordon-Keebles travelled to Beaulieu to line up in the grounds next to the National Motor Museum there.

Saturday morning had a visit to Mottisfont Abbey followed by an assemblage of all the cars in front of the Southampton Civic Centre for the benefit of the Southampton population. This was rewarded by great interest in “their local car”.

On Sunday morning, the cars were taken to Winchester – again much local interest was generated. After lunch the procession moved to Eastleigh High Street which was filled from end to end with 47 Gordon-Keeble cars making a stunning and memorable sight and sound.

A representative selection of cars in front of Lord Montague’s Beaulieu Palace House.  Lord Montague, whose interest in motorcars of all ages is well known, appeared to do a tour of inspection.

The cars being assembled at the Southampton Civic Centre.  As the cars arrived from the morning activities, there reached a saturation point and there was only just enough room to display them all.  

On Sunday morning, Broadway in Winchester was closed off and the cars were arranged echelon fashion in front of the Civic Building.  The considerable interest from the assembling crowd and the Cathedral bells ringing close by created a memorable experience.

Finally, a celebration Cake to round off the day.

2013 – The annual visit to the National Exhibition Centre at Birmingham.

The Secretary welcomes a new recruit.

2012 (right) – Visiting one of the large French Chateaux.

2012 (far right) – Calling at the Engine Museum in Northern France

2011 (far left) – Aboard the National Trust Steam Yacht on Lake Coniston.

2011 (left) – Resting at Wast Water, having traversed all the Lake District’s high passes.

2010 (right) – Gordon-Keeble cars assembled at Southampton Eastleigh Airport to celebrate its centenary.

2010 (far right) – Jim Keeble’s Alter Ego – this glass-fibre Trike.

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