The origins of the Gordon-Keeble date back to the late 1950s when the Managing Director of Peerless Cars, John Gordon, met a talented automotive engineer by the name of Jim Keeble.  At the time, Jim was running a successful business in Ipswich restoring cars and building one-off specials for his customers.

The Back Story

Peerless and Warwick

Bernie Rodger and John Gordon teamed up in 1957 to design and manufacture a new sports saloon car to fill a gap in the market

The Gordon Prototype

John Gordon and Jim Keeble joined forces in 1959 and soon went on to develop and manufacture what was to be the Gordon GT

The Gordon-Keeble

Four years after the Gordon GT was produced, and following John Gordon’s departure from the project, the Gordon-Keeble went into production


Read just some of the huge volume of literature the club holds on the manufacture and road testing of the Gordon GT and the Gordon-Keeble.

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