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These changes apply to all Gordon-Keeble cars as they are all more than 40 years old.

The first stage is to register the car as a Vehicle of Historic Interest. In order to do this, it is necessary to make a declaration on the form V5C – the current form of “Log Book”.

The second stage is to declare that there are no substantial changes to the car and this declaration has to be undertaken every year on form V112 in order to be exempt from the MOT test. This form is obtained from a Post Office able to do vehicle licencing or direct from DVLA (search for V112->Historic Vehicles->get MOT->exempt vehicles. Click on form V112 to print off pages 1 and 2). If it still looks like a Gordon-Keeble and has a V8 engine of the same type as the original with a similar gear box and rear axle arrangement, this is acceptable along with some modifications for safety and practicality reasons such as non-standard wheels of greater width to take the current range of radial tyres.

30 year rule:  Any modifications undertaken more than 30 years before are accepted such as conversion to automatic or 5-speed gearbox.  A rack and pinion steering box conversion could be a safety change as it improves the steering and was intended to be part of the original specification (it was fitted to the Gordon GT prototype). It is considered advisable to have an annual inspection of the car as faults such as corrosion in the rear axle radius arms or location of the DeDion tube can be easily overlooked. This concession to omit the MOT relies on owners to take the responsibility for their cars being fit for the road – an insurance requirement as well.

When travelling abroad, you must take proof that the car is taxed as there is now no license disc displayed. This proof can be obtained either online from the DVLA or the reminder form used to re-license the car with receipt from the Post Office.

Your Gordon-Keeble is an appreciating asset and as such is likely to attract the unwanted attention of the less friendly section of society.  What have you done to safeguard your pride and joy from theft? Fitting a tracker device would seem to be a sensible precaution. The components of the car can be subsequently identified using microdot technology.   This can be found here.




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