History of the GKOC

The Club was founded by Ernie Knott of Brackley, Northamptonshire where he ran a specialist car repair facility which he had founded in 1969.  He had a fascination with the car after seeing one at Silverstone where he was the competing cars’  sign writer.

In 1970, he established the Gordon Keeble Owners Club with regular meetings in the area.  He managed to trace all the 100 cars that had been manufactured.  The Club was run from Brackley Coachworks but at one stage, the Club Secretary lived in Hong Kong.

Owing to the limited number of cars produced, the membership of the Club was never at its theoretical maximum of 100 but most of the time hovers around 70 members.

After Ernie Knott died, the spare parts that he had accumulated, were bought by Club members and are available for sale to the membership as required.

There are several organised activities in the Club calendar each year and these have previously included trips to Europe.  A summary of the events is shown in the Past Events section.

The Current Events section gives an outline of the planned events for the year ahead with details being filled in as they occur.

Technical help is usually available to the members from inside the Club but on occasions outside expertise is required and some useful addresses are shown in the Links section.  Whereas some members keep their cars strictly as manufactured, there is a Club facility to help improve on the original mechanical specification.  It was recognised that the life of the car in production was short and financially constrained so there was not the time nor the finance to continue with the development of the Mk2 car. In the Technical section, there is a sub-group listed as Modifications where the specification of the GK Mk2 is highlighted.  Some of these have been incorporated in a few of the cars.

In recent years, the Club has usually had a stand at the Classic Car Show at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC) and this has been recognised by the the Club’s success in achieving awards there.