This section provides photographs of as many Gordon Keeble cars as possible. Out of the original 100 cars made, Two cars are known to have been destroyed and another one is derelict. Three more have been dismantled and the components stored and four are still awaiting to be rebuilt. A further five cars have been unseen by Club Officials for more than 10 years so now their condition is uncertain.

Of the remaining 94 cars, there are photographs of 88 of them shown here. It is hoped that more images will become available as cars are repaired and photographed so that a complete picture can be obtained of the whereabouts and condition of all the remaining cars.

The sections have been divided into 3 groups. 
Phase 1 has 2 Groups.

Group 1 shows cars with the original specification
Group 2 shows the minor specification changes applied at the Factory with chassis No 37
Group 3 shows cars manufactured in the second phase when the company was restarted under the management of Harold Smith (Motors) Ltd and now called Keeble Cars Ltd. but only a further 8 cars were produced.