Modifications endorsed by the Club - The Symbols Key

The Development and modifications fitted to some of the cars at the Gordon Keeble Car Centre, Brackley
under the guidance of Ernie Knott, the owner of the garage and founder of the Owners Club.

  AC  = Air conditioning

  AR = Anti- roll bars

  AT  = Automatic Transmission


  B     = Revised bumpers

  BA  = Burglar alarm

  BC  =  Modified Tandem Brake system

  BR  =  Standard Bumpers (rechromed)
               (date completed)

  BS  =  Brake Servos Restored or
              Replaced,   (date completed)

  C    =  Manuel Choke control

  CL  =  Central locking

  CR  =  complete rebuild, Body off Chassis 
             & Respray, Mechanical overhaul
(date completed)

  E    =  Enlarged wheel arches

  EG  =  GKCC Extractor grills

  EK  =  Keywest Extractor Grills

  EM =  Electric door mirrors

  ER  =  Engine Rebuild, (date completed)

  EX  =  Exhaust non-standard


  F    =  Face level ventilation

  G   =   5 speed gearbox

  GR  =  Gearbox Rebuilt / Replaced
                (date completed)

  H   =  Heater (matrix) modification

  HW = Heated rear window


  I    =  Electronic ignition


  L   =   Locking fuel filler caps

LD =  Limited slip differential

  LS  =  Lockheed Servos


M = Modified Clutch (Date required)

N  = Negative earth conversion

NR  =  New Body Respray, (date completed)


PS =  Power assisted rack steering


R   =  Rack and pinion steering

RL  =  Retrimmed in Leather

RM  =  Radiator Matrix Modification

RP  =  Power assisted Rack Steering

RS  =  Retrimmed as Standard

RT  =  Retrimmed with Cloth or Velour


S   =  Revised Seating (cars 1 to 37)

SB = Stainless Steel Brake Hoses

SE = Stainless Steel Exhaust Standard

SF = Stainless Steel Fuel Tanks

SN  =  Seating Non-standard

SR =  Sunroof, Folding or Glass

SS  =  Servos replaced or restored (date required)

STD = Standard (May have BR, CR, ER, GR,
             NR, RS, SE, SF, SR, Z)

TF = Through flow ventilation


UL = Unleaded cylinder head conversion

UW = Uprated electric windows


V   = Vinyl roof covering


W  = Wheels; Wide or Non standard

WF =Wood facia replacement


Z   = Body off, Chassis rebuild only


The items above shown in violet were listed for the Gordon Keeble Mk 2 version

The Chevrolet V8 engine - known as the small block version - is widely regarded as one of the best engines to emerge from America.  It is basically simple, robust and easy to work on yet with a compression ratio of 10:1, it will still run on unleaded fuel even though originally designed for 5 star (101 octane). Minor modifications will result in a significant power uplift and a more involved rebuild can increase the power output from a “modest” 300bhp to over 400bhp without destroying tractability. However, replacement with the later 350 version is probably a better line to take with ultimately a genuine 430bhp always bearing in mind, the rest of the transmission!  There are many parts suppliers in the UK and internet access to the heart of the system can be found in the links section where engine parts are available. Many parts are available through the Club.

The car as originally manufactured did require some development which was put on hold as a result of the financial stringency under which they had to operate at that time (see above).  With the  improved steering using the rack system, the potential performance becomes apparent even before any engine modifications are undertaken.  Power upgrades need to be accompanied by brake and suspension improvements to compete with modern vehicles which have benefited from 50 years of progress.


GK specification

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