Past Events



Annual Gathering at Ripon

A trip to Oulton Park with a run around the circuit



The Gate Guardian at Elvington Air Museum, York

Sisters at Malton



The wall plaque in the Eastleigh Airport Terminal


The Cars assembled at Hinton House

40 Gordon Keebles, driven to Southampton
& duly assembled for their Aerial Photograph



All set for the Grand European Tour - 10 cars took part

Destination reached - Keil on the Baltic Sea



Lands End on the Cornish Summer Tour

Tregenna Castle provided our accommodation



Tour of the Fortified Churches in Northern France

Assembling at the Slieve Donard Hotel prior to
starting the tour of Northern Ireland to Donegal Bay



Re-fueling in France

A Tour of the West Country in the Forest of Dean



Abbey-cum-Hyr Museum near Llandrindod Wells

Fortinettes Canal Boat Lift, Northern France



Gordon Keeble Cars assembled at Southampton
      Eastleigh Airport to celebrate its Centenary


Jim Keeble’s Alter Ego - this glass-fibre Trike



Aboard the National Trust Steam Yacht on Lake Coniston

Resting at Wast Water, having traversed
      all the Lake District’s High passes



visiting one of the large French Chateaux

Calling at the Engine Museum in Northern France



Touring Western Belgium - Dinant on the Meuse
          with the citadel overlooking the Town

the annual visit to the National Exhibition Centre at Birmingham.  The Secretary welcomes a new recruit


The year of the Gordon Keeble Half Century

The principal event for the year was the 50 year celebrations that took place at Eastleigh, Southampton.  They commenced with a guest appearance at Beaulieu on the Friday beforehand.    The cars arrived at the Potter’s Heron from Thursday onwards. Unfortunately the pre-arranged 50 cars was not to be with one not leaving Holland, another arriving on a Trailer from Yorkshire after a Herculean  effort by the owner.  A visit to The Vyne near Basingstoke, a National Trust Property,  had been arranged for the early arrivers.
Friday morning, dull and overcast but not raining, saw the cars assembling on the roof car park at Eastleigh Airport with the Press in attendance.  Leaving the Airport precincts, the convoy of Gordon Keebles travelled to Beaulieu to line up in the grounds next to the National Motor Museum there.
Saturday morning had a visit to Mottisfont Abbey followed by an assemblage of all the cars in front of the Southampton Civic Centre for the benefit of the Southampton population. This was rewarded by great interest in “their local car”.
On Sunday morning, the cars were taken to Winchester for the morning - again much local interest was generated. After lunch the procession moved to Eastleigh High Street which was filled from end to end with 47 Gordon Keeble cars making a stunning and memorable sight and sound.


A representative selection of cars in front of Lord Montague’s Beaulieu Palace House.  Lord Montague, whose interest in Motorcars of all ages is well known, appeared to do a tour of inspection


The cars being assembled at the Southampton Civic Centre.  As the cars arrived from the morning activities, there reached a saturation point and there was only just enough room to display them all.  Attracted by the noise, there was a large crowd of onlookers showing considerable interest and knowledge of the cars.


On Sunday Morning, Broadway in winchester was closed off and the cars were arranged
     echelon fashion in front of the Civic Building.  the considerable interest from the
       assembling crowd and the Cathedral bells ringing close by  created a memorable


Finally, a celebration Cake to round off the day

the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show at the N E C in Birmingham


Chassis No 81 - newly repainted from red to dark green.


Chassis No 93 - previously regarded as the best preserved and most original Gordon Keeble



A Visit to Wellington college, West Berkshire in April


A visit to Port sunlight, the home of Unilever in The Wirral, Cheshire


The NEC stand attracted a large amount of interest and attention
        particularly the chassis view even though still incomplete


2016 Bletchley


2016-Gordon Welchman
2016-History of Bletchley Park
2016-Alan Turing

A most interesting and moving exhibition about the war-time code breaking that was undertaken here at Bletchley Park. There is a working decoding machine and also information about the main characters in the unfolding drama as the secrets of the Nazi war machine were laid bare. The skill of the staff in the early mathematical solving of the codes is quite astonishing and the working conditions were primitive by current standards.

        April 24th. Visit to Bletchley Park, Hertfordshire.
7 Gordon Keebles with drivers and guests were present

July: The annual Gathering for the Club on Saturday at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb,
            and on Sunday,  a trip to Coughton  Court and Croome Court in Worcestershire

The 1938 Auto Union V16 rear engine Racer brought to Shelsley hill climb by the son of the original driver-Hans Stuck


2016 Auto-Union Racer

An amazing home made hill-climb special with 4-wheel drive and intriguing turbo technology. This car took nearly 1 second off the record and was over 2 seconds faster that formula 2 cars


2016 Shelsley record Breaker
2016 Croome Court - building

On Sunday morning, there was a run organised by Paul Thompson around the Malvern Hills.
 calling at several attractive villages on the way to Croughton Court

          This was followed by a visit to Croome Court - a large country establishment
complete with RAF restaurant for lunch. Fine examples of Robert Adams internally
                    and Capability Brown in the gardens made for an interesting day

November.  Return visit to the Lancaster Classic Car Show at the N E C, Birmingham.
This was a magnificent display , even larger than last year.and extending over 5 Halls with the motorcycles in a further adjacent hall. The Gordon-Keeble stand was in Hall 3 and owing to the non-appearance of the adjacent tractor stand, our stand was off-set with space for all to see. 3 cars on view made a great spectacle. A nice touch was the enlarged photo of a GK surrounded by small photos of the employees of the factory who were able to attend the ex-employees function earlier in the year.

The final highlight of the year was the Survey undertaken by the Practical Classics Magazine.  The results showed, unsurprisingly, that the first 3 places were taken by the Morris Minor, the E type Jaguar and the Morris / Austin Miini.  What did surprise us was that the Gordon Keeble was promoted from 84th place last time to 20th this time.  As a small Club of 70 members and a base of only 99 cars manufactured over 50 years ago, we were amazed.

History of the GKOC

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History of the GKOC

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Current events

Owners Club Magazine

news & sales



April:  A visit to Nuffield Place, Oxfordshire, home of Lord Nuffield.
             A National Trust house now.  Good weather always helps at this time of the year.  The cars
             arranged in the car park attracted the attention of a Mr & Mrs Keable and their son Gordon !
             this was followed by a home visit by our Chairman to give Mr Keable a run on his 75th

June:  Our summer week-end.  This year saw us staying at Wroughton, Wiltshire with close access
            to the Avebury ancient sites and surrounded by white horses of various kinds - some mobile.
            A light-hearted competition was organised to see just how many there were.  The ancient
            rings were a big attraction as was the village of Laycock near by.

August:    Our Club Member in North Germany once again organised a week-long trip to North
                   Germany.  4 Gordon-Keebles  made the trip supplimennted by a BMW,  a Jaguar V12 and
                   a Jenson CV8 carrying 17 members and friends to join Gerd with 3 further GKs joining in
                  from Germany GK making 7 in total.  Visits to a local Prototyp Museum (no photography
                  allowed) , a miniatur Wunderland which was absorbing and lasted 3 hours or so.  The next
day, there was a trip to the Airbus factory on the outskirts of hamburg where body
                  sections of the A320,A350 & A380 are built before shipping-by sea -to Toulouse for final
                  assembly, later being flown back with UK built wings attached to Hamburg for the
                 finishing touches.  The next day saw a trip around the harbour and the Maritime Museum 
                 with some retail therapy and finally a visit to one members private car collection of
                 English and German luxury cars to rival any museum collection.

September:  The first ever Annual General Meeting to ratify the  Club’s New Constitution.
                         The following week there was the gathering of Former Employees of the GK Factory
                         with more former employees and their families being located and attending. the
                         David Wansbrough trophy was presented to Simon Wormall for outstanding support.

2017-hotel lineup

Getting ready to leave the Hotel.

2017-Laycock 2
2017-Mike and Mary

Mike W. at work photographing the cars from a suitable vantage point - aided and abetted !

The nearby village of Laycock - full of charm and parked cars.

2017 former employees - 800

Derek Baker reunited with members of Jim Keeble’s family


April:      Drive-it-Day.  Individual drives organised by members and clubs around the country. Gordon Keebles were in attendance at the Museum of Rowing and the River at Henley on Thames accompanied by Mr Toad of Toad Hall

June:        GKOC Summer Weekend is in the Swansea area, South Wales.
A great week-end of fun based in Crickhowell with 5 Keebles and a couble of moderns thown in for good measure.  Called the “Castles Weekend” and organised by our Chairman, Paul Thompson,  we had a guided run through the lovely countryside calling in to see several castles to identify components on a quiz sheet


The Gordon-Keebles that attended the week-end in Wales lined up outside the Hotel in Crickhowell.

Tretower Court & Castle
The castle was used successfully by Sir James Berkeley.for Henry IV against Owen Glyndwr in 1404 with the Manor Court house surviving relatively unaffected.

2018 tretower-castle-350
2018 Tretower Court-450

Tretower Court Manor House

2018 Tretower Court hall-800

The Main Hall set out for lunch as in the year 1400.

2018 Tretower Court -inner view

Part of the old, original Manor House from 1400.

2018-Tredegar House-700

     Tredegar House - a National Trust Property which is
          celebrating the women of the house this year.

  The Original Owner bears a striking resemblance to our
present Chairman - quite by chance, we are assured!

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